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When is a vegetable cooked?
When is a man bold? So this person here, Aristotle, is an official inventor of binary logic, right? – the source of zeros and ones and a whole lot of other trouble that comes with it. That basically renders any rice cooker (this includes me – my current level of brightness and brilliance is that of a rice cooker or worse, blurred thinking being the reason why this concept is fairly simple – to put it mildly – well, thats just the way it is, ooh yeah) more cleverer than any oxidental philosopher prone to scholasticizm. Even simple machines were able to figure out that fuzzy logic makes more sense in real life. Hence, it is only natural to invite an autonomous hair-like (capillary – isn’t that what it’s called?) particle system to perform a lil defacement job on the facade of the iconic supposedly wise cisguy.
But hey, what happened to the veg?