Karl Orton ( CV HP )

Barbecued Socially Sanctioned Immortality Projects (Part One)

11.02.2015 - 16.03.2015, OPENING 10.02.2015, 19h

When I came towards nineteen years of age, I being upon business at a fair, one of my cousins, whose name was Bradford, being a professor* and having another professor with him, came to me and asked me to drink part of a jug of beer with them, and I, being thirsty,
went in with them, for I loved any that had a sense of good, or did seek after the lord. And when we had drunk a glass apiece, they began to drink healths and called for more drink, agreeing together that he that would not drink should pay all. I was grieved that any that made profession of religion should offer to do so. They grieved me very much, having never had such a thing put to me before by any sort of people, wherefore I rose up to be gone, and putting my hand into my pocket, I took out a groat and laid it down upon the table before them and said, "if it be so, I'll leave you". So I went away, and when I had done my business I had to do, I returned home.............

* one who professes religion

Extract from George Fox's journal 1643